Our Values

The Good of Cannabis, for the Good of People

Our values remind us of who we are and who we strive to be. Glass House Brand’s core principles define how we treat our consumers, our communities, our partners, and one another, and unite our team under the common goal of delivering the benefits of cannabis for all.

A Focus on People

We are ordinary people, striving to achieve the extraordinary. Getting there demands a commitment to integrity and teamwork at our foundation, empathy and approachability in our communications, and quality and consumer-centricity in our products and processes. It also means prioritizing social equity and acknowledging the complicated history of cannabis in the US and its impact on communities.         People are our purpose.


Long-Term Thinking

To us, sustainability is a 360-degree commitment. We strive to do more than what’s required, before it’s required, not just as stewards of our natural environment, but as defenders and advocates of all our communities. We believe practicality, transparency, inclusivity, and leadership are necessities if we want to be here for the long haul.

Positive Impact

Our work should make things better. From the way we compensate and develop each of our team members to the way we treat the natural world, we aim to be a positive influence in every one of our relationships. We advocate for reforming laws, righting wrongs, and building communities because a positive impact means leaving things better than we found them.


Building an industry is a tough job. That’s why we value our team’s resourcefulness, creativity, humility, hunger, and hard work so highly. Those, plus the spirit of fun and camaraderie that make the entire journey worthwhile.